Delta WhatsApp APK Download Latest Version 2023

You’ve been using a standard WhatsApp version or a modified WhatsApp version. Do you want to try out a new WhatsApp version that will astonish you? In any case, I’ll introduce Delta WhatsApp APK, a peerless WhatsApp version. If you’re one of the app’s billion+ users, you’ve probably heard of it. So, read this blog post to the end to get a gorgeous WhatsApp version.

What is Delta WhatsApp?

App NameDelta WhatsApp
Developers TeamJensen from DELTALABS STUDIO
File Size67 MB
Mods1. Delta WhatsApp Ultra
2. Delta WhatsApp
Last Updated1 Day Ago

Jensen has developed Delta WhatsApp APK from DELTALABS STUDIO, a third-party developer. This antiban mod has amassed over 1 billion downloads worldwide in just a few years. This WhatsApp mod improves the quality of your WhatsApp experience. Interestingly, this APK has a different UI than GB WhatsApp and YO WhatsApp.

Download Delta WhatsApp APK Latest Version 2023

Discover the incredible edge of Delta WhatsApp. Click here to learn more about its features and connect uniquely!

Features of Delta WhatsApp APK

Several astonishing features could assist you in your everyday communication:


You can customize WhatsApp by changing the font size, color, UI, bubble size, conversation screen settings, status screen layout, and artwork. This outstanding function gives you a distinct advantage over conventional WhatsApp users. As a result, your WhatsApp will be in your way.

Transparent Theme

Delta WhatsApp includes the most recent function that its users appreciate. This APK provides you with essentially three types of themes, which are as follows:

  1. Light Themes
  2. Dark Themes
  3. Transparent Themes

Anti-Revoke Message

Assume you want a flashback history of a discussion with a friend they deleted. It’s not available on official WhatsApp. However, it’s acceptable for an APK like WhatsApp Delta. It means you can recover all prior communications.

Anti-Delete Status

No one can see a status removed by the person who uploaded it. However, those who have this mod apk can see the deleted group. Consequently, this APK provides you with increased visibility, power, and control.

Emoji and Sticker Sets

You may enhance the beauty of your conversation by using innovative stickers and emoticons that will always put authentic feelings in your discussion.

WhatsApp Lock

This modified WhatsApp version includes a built-in lock and key function, adding an extra security layer to your data. Delta APK places the highest premium on protecting your privacy.

Remove Forwarded Tags

You can now send a message without the ‘forwarded’ title at the top when you duplicate someone’s message.

Hiding Blue Ticks

Blue ticks in your conversation indicate that others have read your message. If others turn the blue ticks off, you will regard them as not reading your letter. The same is true for you. No one will be able to notice your online availability if you install this Delta APK and turn the blue ticks off.

Auto Reply

If many people engage with you daily, you can only respond to certain of them at a different pace. But now, you can use this intelligent assistant to write and respond. This feature is extremely beneficial to your company. Preserving customized templates appropriate to your niche and target audience would be best.

Voice Status

This newly announced feature in official WhatsApp has improved the quality of your stories. This feature is now available in a more sophisticated form in Delta WhatsApp.

Group Admin Indicator

You can use this excellent tool to obscure your name as a group administrator. Resultantly, you can use it to guide a group anonymously. In the end, if someone has already hidden their name in a group, you can only view them.

How to Download Delta WhatsApp APK on Android?

Do you want to download this amazing APK for your Android phone? Follow these easy steps:

  1. First, download the APK from or another reputable web source.

  2. Move the APK file to a secure location on your internal storage.

  3. Now, click the ‘install’ button after tapping the application file

  4. Launch the application once the installation is complete

  5. It will then ask you to verify your phone number. You must enter a working phone number. WhatsApp will send you a six-digit code. Insert this code into the app verification.

  6. Have fun with Delta WhatsApp App.


Delta WhatsApp is the most popular WhatsApp mod application, with over 100,000,000 downloads globally. With 4.7-star user assessments worldwide, its current version, v5.1.2F, has given its developer a new boost. However, with the forthcoming upheaval in the WhatsApp market, developers are working on recent changes to keep you ahead of other WhatsApp users. So, keep scrolling down to grab the latest versions of Delta WhatsApp and the most recent information about all the WhatsApp mods.


What is the latest version of Delta GB WhatsApp?

DELTALABS STUDIO developed an amazing mod version of WhatsApp called Delta WhatsApp. Its most recent version, available in 2023, is v5.1.2F. You can check out for more of its updates and feeds.

How can we update Delta GB WhatsApp?

This application is unavailable on the Google Play Store or any other platform since it is a third-party WhatsApp mod APK. Instead, you can get it from a trusted website. You can get the most recent version of Delta Gb WhatsApp in 2023 by clicking on the link above.

Is Delta WhatsApp Safe?

Yes! This APK is completely safe to use. It has over one billion downloads, and positive user feedback suggests this is a safe APK to use. Furthermore, it currently has a user rating of 4.7 stars.